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Institute for music and media (IMM)

The Institute of Music and Media (english) offers an unparalleled environment to combine artistic, scientific, and technical interests on a high level. Its diverse range of studies allows students to follow their unique professional development.

Degree programs
Music and Media, Bachelor of Music (B. Mus.)

This course of studies combines a wide range of subject matter and makes it possible to artistically and scientifically investigate, challenge and reinvent media perspectives as well as make these accessible.

Audio and Video, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

The Audio and Video program is designed for students who are interested in a degree program combining technology and engineering with artistic studies but do not want to commit to a specific career path.

Klang und Realität, Master of Music (M.Mus.)

Following the principle of the unity of research and teaching, the Klang und Realität master’s degree program combines aesthetic, technical and theoretical approaches.


Artistic Music Production

The master’s program in Artistic Music Production aims at deepening and perfecting the ability to carry out artistically independent and methodically well thought out professional work in the field of artistic music production.


I was the waves, but then I looked at her.

The sound and light installation by Lambert Windges takes the emergence, presence and disappearance of varying circumstances in a polyrhythmic structure as its theme. 

Sergej Rachmaninov - Sonate Nr. 2 B-flat minor

In October 2018 a workshop on the topic of piano production was conducted within the framework of the master’s program Artistic Music Production (Major: Classical Acoustic Music Production) in the T…

The Divine Messenger

The radio piece Der Götterbote [The Divine Messenger] is based on a recorded conversation with street poet Timo Dege at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin in the summer of 2014.

[hyenas, blackmailed shiners, and the usual boozing – Study 2]

Distant lights. Repressed feelings. Between delirium and bitter reality, a man tries to get his life into balance.


In his #instantfiltercoffee live performance, Joseph Baader records and loops the noises of preparing instant coffee. A snapshot of the finished cup of coffee is posted directly on Instagram.

Transformation in Sync

The installation Transformation in Sync by Vincent Stange involves the connection and separateness of rooms. The auditory and visual levels are important in this installation. 

Rebecca Himmerich in drei Minuten

The self-portrait of Rebecca Himmerich contains a series of scenes which do not follow a plot actions in sequence, No story is told.

Fries Nuss Quartet – Tracy

Within the framework of the project module in the Music Productionmajor concentration, Music and Media bachelor student Simon Busch realized recordings with the Fries Nuss…


Yabanci [Stranger] by Simeon Herrmann and Michael Colella is a film about the fear of strangers that was awarded the Catholic Youth Media Award 2014.

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