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Cassado Trio

As part of coursework in the Music and Audiovisual Media upper-level module, in May of 2015 students completed a multi-camera production in Studio 1 at the IMM. 

The students recorded a performance of the Cassado Trio by Robert Schumann Hochschule students Seo Jin Yoon (piano), Wonyoung Jung (violin) and Chi Ho Choi (cello). 

An edit decision list was prepared under the direction of Jonas Geyersberger prior to production work on the classical three-movement Piano Trio in C Major by Gerhard Cassado. Live recording was done from the IMM Video broadcasting van as well as with four institute-owned cameras. 

Tarik Badaoui was the technical director and Tim Köhler video engineer for the production. Verena Hentschel was responsible for video mixing. The camera crew consisted of Peter Brößner, Jonas Scheler, Christopher Behrmann and Jakob Gengenbach. Tim Abramczyk and Tarik Badaoui were in charge of lighting and Fabian Kratzer and Philipp Weber were the sound engineers, who were assisted by Kai Detlefsen. 

The project was supervised by Prof. Ulla Barthold, Florian Boddin, Wolfgang Schuhkraft and Prof. Manfred Waffender.

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