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music@studio1 2017

Students majoring in Music and Audiovisual Media again produced the music broadcast music@studio1. This time the two bands “Stormseeker” and the “Rhythm Sport Group” participated, so that this episode involved a great deal of IMM participation, both behind and in front of the camera. 

The project was supervised by Professor Manfred Waffender and the lecturers Armin Riegel, Prof. Ulla Barthold, Florian Boddin and Robert Keilbar. Special thanks go to director Christian Kapp, who gave decisive support to the planning and implementation of the production.

The following students participated:
Tobias Kemper: director, props for Rhythm Sport Group, editing, color grading
Sarah Zabel: director, props Stormseeker
Leon Müller: shader
Juliane Blum: film manager
Simon Behrendt: mixer
Simon Langemann: lights
Christian Düllingen: camera
Jakob Gengenbach: camera
Julian Hilgert: camera
Josh Le: camera
Lauritz Baudisch: camera
Yannick Benavides: program host
Nils Schröder, Leon Brückner: recording
Daniel Wierczeiko: mixing, recording

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