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The street is not just a transportation route but also a collective archive. A wide range of textual forms mutually interact on the street: things which are illegible or can barely be read, scrawled texts – stickers, decals, graffiti, spray paint tags – intermingle with clearly discernible street signs, billboards, ads and names on doorbells. Motifs repeat or are varied. This archive of street language undergoing constant change serves as the scene of a field trip in slow motion. 

The writing along these routes triggers thoughts, a runner carries on an interior monologue; things which are read evoke images, sounds and words in the runner. The written language along the route provides the runner with an improvisational basis and the text that results from this is the jumping off point for improvisation by narrators. A sound composition emerges from this improvised speech.

Routine is a psycho-geographical radio play by Christoph Collenberg created in the upper-level Music and Text module.

Narrators: Pia Alena Wagner, Johannes Sasse, Louisa Natterer, Ulf Mendak, Natalie Linz and Christoph Collenberg.

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