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This is why I don't like lyrics in music

In the electronic music piece This is why I don’t like lyrics in musicMusic and Media student Verena Hentschel explores her aversion for lyrics in music pieces both musically and on a textual basis.

The same line This is why I don't like lyrics is repeatedly spoken while being varied through different vocal colors and by emphasizing different parts of the sentence to show various ways of interpreting the statement. At the same time the changing emphasis is supported by effects related to pitch and speed. The piece is accompanied by an indifferent tonal character in the voice as well as a certain monotonous quality in order to underline the special attitude regarding texts in music. A dramatic dialogue narration near the beginning of the piece as well as experimental sounds and whistling which seems to be there for no apparent reason are meant to lend a touch of caricature to the electronic music piece.

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