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The dignified Elektronische Studio [Electronic studio] of the broadcaster WDR is in a deep sleep in a cellar in a Cologne suburb, once much cared for by the former studio technician Volker Müller.

In January, students from the IMM in Düsseldorf set about revitalising the collection of devices from the birth of electronic music that can be found there. However, the object of their microphones were not the electronic sounds, but rather the unique sounds of their switches, control dials and faders, whose actuation reveals knowledge about the craftsmanship of composing electronic music, which was thought to be lost. From the editorial and algorithmic processing of the recordings emerged an audio piece, which was first broadcast by the Hessischen Rundfunk broadcasting corporation.

Hans W. Koch (assistant professor for Hybrid Sound Composition) is responsible for the idea and artistic direction, the concept and composition was supervised by Prof. Julian Rohrhuber and the contributions were created by IMM students Armin Badde, João Martins, Raffael Seyfried and Florian Zeeh.

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