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Salomea Project "Do It All"

Audio and Video
 major Johannes von Barsewisch carried out a production with the band, Salomea Project as his final examination in the upper-level Music Production module. The music is a world music-jazz-hip-hop crossover. The band members are Rebekka Salomea-Ziegler (vocals), Leif Berger (drums), Yannis Anft (keyboards), Oli Spielberger (bass) and Nick Reinhartz (percussion). 

A total of six pieces were recorded in Studio 2 of the IMM. Johannes von Barsewisch was responsible for recording, post-producdtion and audio mixing. Lukas Lohner, Kai Schlegel and Daniel Langemann assisted him. 

Johannes von Barsewisch was awarded a Silver Award for his work on the song Do It All (the working title was Rise and Shine) at the Student Recording Competition of the 138th AES Convention in Warsaw, the most important competition for students of audio engineering. His work was supervised by Prof. Werner Roth.

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