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berührt - geführt

The interactive installation berührt - geführt seeks to make it possible to experience the invisible spirals of everyday life and its habitual routines. By means of a self-built touchscreen, spirals can be generated by touching the monitor, which then seem to come from nowhere and extend infinitely. While the spirals establish themselves and are still echoing, a new spiral is formed by every additional touch, which at first seems to be endless but then, depending on chance parameters, turns around and eventually deletes itself. The tracks left behind have a new texture which constantly grows and fills the circular screen again and again. Every spiral is assigned a Shepard tone which rotates around the base parallel to the particular spiral, on four monitors placed in a circle. 

berührt – geführt was created in winter semester 2016/17 in the advanced-level Visual Music 2 module as the final exam project of Joseph Baader and supervised by Heike Sperling and Marcus Schmickler.

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