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Compositing / 3D

The three MacPros which can be reserved individually have a software package primarily for compositing and creating 3D animations. 

Compositing is a visual effect used in film post-production. It involves combining two or more visual elements into a single image, making it seem like all the visual elements are an integral part of the same scene. Visual effects are all effects which cannot be achieved in conventional photography or cinematography. Practical effects cover other aspects of filmmaking, such as special-effects explosions, etc. Categories for this vary widely within the industry. Examples of compositing include incorporating bluescreen/greenscreen footage and also multiple exposures. Important terms used in this field include keying (with garbage masks), rendering, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, plate, clean plate, matte painting, rotoscoping, filter effects such as blur, glow, edges, defocus. 

Each workstation is equipped with an Apple Thunderbolt display and an audio listening station via speakers or headphones. In addition, CDs and DVDs can be reproduced and labels printed using a copying tower.

Computer: 3 MacPro 6,1 (OS X 10.9.5, 3,5Ghz Xeon,32gb Ram, 2x Firepro D500, SSD, 27" Thunderbolt-Display)
Speaker: Genelec 6010A, AKG K141
Primera DUP-11
CD-/DVD-Printer: Primera Disc Publisher PRO
Beamer: Acer S1213HN

Software OS X
Ableton Live
Adobe Creative Cloud
Cinema 4D R16
DaVinci Resolve Lite
Dragonframe 3
Final Cut Studio 3
Hiero 1.6
Linotype Gold Edition
MPEG Streamclip
Nuke Studio
Paragon NTFS for Mac
Resolume Arena
Toon Boom Studio
Vidvox VDMX

Software Windows 8.1
Ableton Live

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