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Institute For Music And Media

The Institute For Music And Media (IMM), a part of the internationally renowned Robert Schumann School of Music and Media in Düsseldorf, focuses on a combination of art, technology and theory. The broad range of courses and outstanding facilities available allow for both a high level of practical learning and critical reflection. In group projects, professors and assistant professors and students jointly contribute towards artistic media research.

With its dual artistic and scientific emphasis, the Music and Media study programme is completed with a Bachelor of Music degree. The Audio and Video programme, held jointly with Düsseldorf University of Applied Science, leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Both programmes are designed to take eight semesters, and applicants are required to pass a test based on musical ability such as instrumental standard.

Institute for Music and Media

Institute of Church Music

The profession of church musician has undergone dynamic change in recent years. Work with children, laypeople and choirs is playing a greater and greater role.

For this reason, the interrelated modular structure of the Bachelor’s degree program is designed to combine high artistic qualification with instruction reflecting current practices. The Institute of Church Music has its own library and a large number of teaching and rehearsal studios with appropriate instruments. The Institute maintains close contact with potential employers of graduates, the specialized committees of the Archdiocese of Cologne and the Diocese of Essen, as well as the Protestant state church in Rhineland.
Institute of Church Music (German)

Institute of Composition and Music Theory

The Institute of Composition and Music Theory was founded in 1990 as the Department of Compositional Studies. It specializes in harmony, counterpoint, 20th century compositional techniques, music analysis, ear training, instrumentation and score reading, orchestration, and composition.
Institute of Composition and Music Theory (German)

Institute of Musicology

The Institute of Musicology is responsible for course curricula in musicology. Lectures and seminars are concerned with the general principles, forms and effects of music in a historical and cultural context. In addition, the department also holds lectures and conferences.
Institute of Musicology (German)

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