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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ulrich Klinkenberg
Assistant Professor for Music and Media Management



Ulrich Klinkenberg, born 1957, studied economics at the RWTH Aachen University and graduated in business management with a Dipl.-Kfm. Subsequently he was employed as an academic assistant by the Chair of Industrial Management at the RWTH Aachen University and in the Organisation department at the university; he was promoted in 1990. 

He started his career as a corporate consultant for a large Duesseldorf auditing and consultancy company; his work mainly included the preparation of business-management reports and the monitoring in an advisory and moderating manner of substantial reorganisational projects for domestic and foreign clients. Since 1994, he has taught business studies at Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences, and from 2000 he has worked in the Media department. Since the start of his professorship he has been responsible for business-management training in the cooperative course of studies of Audio and Video.

His key activities in teaching and projects are in the areas of personal development, quality management, project management and organisation, in particular business process optimisation. The technological revolution ("digitalisation") in the media industry covers all value-added processes. The opportunities and risks associated with those involved in the industry require professional management that anticipates change and promotes action.

Since 2009, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klinkenberg has also been teaching at the Institute For Music And Media at the University of Music Duesseldorf in the two Bachelor courses of Music and Media and Audio and Video.

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