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Heimatfunde 2 (Homeland Findings 2)

Heimatfunde 2 is a radio play in progress that explores the Essen-Burgaltendorf archeological site: Artifacts that are unearthed include mining documents about the imminent collapse of people’s homes, interviews with residents and sound motifs which await being captured on tape as motifs.

On July 17, 2019 the authors visited Burgaltendorf and made a series of phono recordings to be used in the audio piece Heimatfunde. Short recordings were made at eleven sites documenting a warm summer day in the Ruhr Valley.

In chronological order these are:

01 A morning in the garden of her parents’ house. In the garden next door children bouncing on a trampoline.
02 On the way to the Ruhr the father and mother teach their daughter to ride a bike.
03 Standing under a small Ruhr bridge, a lot of bicycle traffic.
04 In a cornfield behind Altendorf Castle life goes on.
05 In the supermarket.
06 At the corner of Old Main Street/Brauksiepe.
07 A local pub: “Im Stiefel.”
08 Construction work at the church (recorded in July 2018).
09 The bells ringing at the Herz Jesu Kirche.
10 Three adolescents playing basketball.
11 View from Kirchstraße.
12 Good grief, Edwin!

Recorded with an Ohrwurm 3D microphone using small A-B spacing, Sony PCM M10.

Christoph Collenberg and Chris Erkal, 2019.

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