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Stille Post (Chinese Whispers) 2018

As part of the course “Image Composition and Rhythm” by Institute of Music and Media lecturer Christian Schäfer, music visualization is treated using forms of musical notation lying outside our traditional system. Alternative musical notation by visual artists and musicians, such as the musical visualization and notation of the musician Anthony Braxton or the collection “Notations” compiled by John Cage, form the model and inspiration for the practical exercise “Chinese Whispers.”
The starting point of the Chinese whispers is a piece of music which is assigned to the students by drawing lots. This is visualized graphically – but without using our conventional music notation or writing system. The resulting notes are passed on to another participant without any music, title or other references to the piece. This person then records his or her own interpretation of the notation. The newly created track is then given a title and is again passed on, and this time visualized in the form of a cover.

Since 2016 it has been possible to watch and hear the complete development – from original to re-interpretation – at the SITTart Gallery of the Association of Düsseldorf Artists (VdDK 1844) over a number of days at the end of each summer semester.

Here are the results of the “Chinese Whispers” projects for 2018, with works by Laura Rizzo, Leonie Strecker, Laurenz Ulrich, Lambert Windges, Sebastian Fecke, Suhyun Park and Valentin Zuckmantel:

The Second Law > Morph

Step 1 > The Second Law by Max Mathews

Step 2 > Notation by Valentin Zuckmantel

Step 3 > Morph, a song by Sebastian Fecke
about the notation by Valentin Zuckmantel

Step 4 > Cover by Leonie Strecker for Morph

Us Three > One Way

Step 1 > Us Three by Horace Parlan Trio

2. Schritt > Notation von Lambert Windges

Step 3 > One Way, a song by Laura Rizzo
about the notation by Lambert Windges

Step 4 > Cover by Suhyun Park to One Way

Mistery Track > Top, Right, Left

Step 1 > Mistery Track by Johnny Moped 

Step 2 > Notation by Sebastian Fecke

Step 3 > Top, Right, Left, a song by Valentin Zuckmantel 
about the Notation by Sebastian Fecke

Step 4> Cover by Lambert Windges to Top, Right, Left

Funky Dung > Hands

Step 1 > Funky Dung by Pink Floyd

Step 2 > Notation by Laura Rizzo

Step 3 > Hands, a song by Laurenz Ulrich
about the Notation by Laura Rizzo

Step 4 > Cover by Sebastian Fecke for Hands

The Art of Being > Studie I / Spiegel

Step 1 > The Art of Being by Jon Balke & Oslo 13 

Step 2 > Notation by Suhyun Park

Step 3 > Studie I / Spiegel a song by Leonie Strecker
about the Notation by Suhyun Park

Step > Cover by Laurenz Ulrich for Studie 1 / Spiegel

Come With Us > RRRRR

Step 1 > Come With Us by Brian Eno & David Byrne 

Step 2: Notation by Laurenz Ulrich

Step 3: RRRRR, a song by Suhyun Park
about the Notation by Laurenz Ulrich

Step 4 > Cover by Valentin Zuckmantel for RRRRR

220+G > String

Step 1 > 220+G by Terekke

Step 2 > Notation by Leonie Strecker

Step 3 > String, a song by Lambert Windges
about the Notation by Leonie Strecker

Step 4 > Cover by Laura Rizzo for String

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