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Language skills

Foreign applicants must prove that they possess adequate knowledge of German before undertaking any program of study. This is the case both for the undergraduate bachelor programs as well as for the master’s degree program, advanced studies and additional programs of study. Up-to-date language proficiency at the following levels is required:

a) Completion of the Goethe Institute’s B2 Certificate for courses in Music and Music Promotion with the relevant areas of specialization, as well as for majoring in Music and Media or Audio and Video and the Master’s program in Musicology

b) Completion of the Goethe Institute’s C1 Certificate for the Master's program in Musicology

c) Completion of the Goethe Institute's C2 Certificate for doctoral studies in Musicology

Language certificates from university language programs and the adult education institutions "Volkshochschulen" and "IDaF-Institut Düsseldorf" are accepted, although they must be equivalent to the requirements stated above. There must have been an examination at the end of the course. A certificate of participation will not be accepted. Applicants who have passed the entrance exam but cannot demonstrate the required knowledge of German at the beginning of the semester may acquire the necessary qualification during their first year of studies.

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