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Students from six different countries play in the Symphony Orchestra of the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media. Prof. Rüdiger Bohn has been artistic director since October 2005.

The Orchestra works regularly in workshops with important composers, most recently with Toshio Hosokawa, Marco Stroppa and Youngi Pagh-Paan. These have included the “Days of New Korean Music” (January 2009) and a workshop in collaboration with the Musikfabrik Köln (winter semester 2009/10). In November 2009 the orchestra made a concert tour to Milan, where, as part of the Festival SinFonikamente, it performed Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 6. In July 2010 the orchestra presented Robert Schumann's Symphony No. 4 (first version) in the Düsseldorf Tonhalle. In November 2010 Stravinsky's Le Sacre du printemps was on the program. 


Projects (extract)

SS 2011

W. A. Mozart, Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra
I. Yun, Concerto for Flute and Small Orchestra
F. Schubert, Symphony No. 8 C major (Great)
Juli 5th, 2011, Tonhalle Düsseldorf

WS 2010/2011
F. Schubert, Symphony No. 5 B flat major
W. Rihm, Sphäre um Sphäre, Sphäre nach Studie
F. Schubert, Symphony No. 7 B minor
February 4th, 2011, Partika-Saal

J. Brahms, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 B flat major
I. Strawinsky, Le sacre du printemps 
November 17th, 2011, Tonhalle Düsseldorf

SS 2010
R. Schumann, Symphony No. 4 D minor
R. Schumann, Der Rose Pilgerfahrt 
July 8th, 2010, Tonhalle Düsseldorf

WS 2009/2010
G. Mahler, Symphony No. 6 
November 24th, 2009, Tonhalle Düsseldorf

SS 2009
H. Wolf, 4 Möricke Songs in orchestration and new composition
F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Violin concerto e minor
F. Liszt, Piano concerto No. 1 E flat major 
April 26th, 2009, Robert-Schumann-Saal

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