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Schumann Junior

The Schumann Junior Institute offers courses to highly gifted children and youth. The subjects covered in the program of study include not only regular individual instruction in the major (instrument or voice) but also music theory, music history, performance training and ensemble playing as part of seminars offered on Saturdays during each academic semester.

The examination board decides on aptitude and admission to the degree program as part of the proficiency test, which takes place twice a year.

Who can apply?

Pupils aged 10 to 17 who are attending a public school and have demonstrated exceptional musical talent.

What happens during the entrance examination?

The applicant prepares three stylistically different works and presents the list to the examination board. It should contain demanding literature, including a virtuoso work/étude and a slow movement. The board selects the works to be performed from the list. This is followed by a short interview. Above all, artistry and technical skills are evaluated. Candidates who do not pass the proficiency test can repeat it once.

How much is covered in the program?

Each young student receives individualized instruction on his or her major instrument. Lessons take place once a week after school, and last 90 minutes (2 semester hours per week). There are also eight Saturday seminars on the subjects of music theory and history, as well as performance training and ensemble playing. Seminar dates are announced before the semester starts. Several times in each semester, the children and young people have the opportunity to present the repertoire they have worked on in front of an audience as part of the Schumann Junior Our Young Talents concert series.

When does the young talents program of studies end?

Studies usually end at the time of graduation from high school, for example with the Abitur. Young students can then apply for a regular program of studies at a conservatory.

How much does the early-admission program cost?

A tuition fee of €300 is charged per semester.

Applications must be submitted online, along with access to the online application portal Muvac. Further information can be found here (German).
Application for admission – Requirements – Schumann Junior

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