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Requirements for Music Theory and Aural Skills Training

The level of knowledge differs according to the particular major or program.

For the Voice, Guitar, Piano, Organ and Orchestral Instruments majors Level 1 requirements apply:

Theory Level 1 (sample)
Aural Skills Level 1 (sample)

For the Music Pedagogy major Level 2 requirements apply:
Theory Level 2 (sample)
Aural Skills Level 2 (sample)

For the Conducting/Choir, Conducting/Orchestra, Music Theory/Aural Skills Training and Composition majors, Level 3 requirements apply:

Theory Level 3 (sample)
Aural Skills Level 3 (sample)

The following requirements apply for the Music and Media and Audio and Video Engineering bachelor’s programs.

Theory IMM (sample)
Aural Skills IMM (sample)

The following requirements apply for the Church Music major:

Theory KiMu (sample)
Aural Skills KiMu (sample)

The university offers preparatory classes. Applications must be made using the attached application form

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