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Requirements for the Trumpet major

Bachelor of Music / Major in Orchestral Instruments

1. Preselection

For the pre-selection, a total of 3 uncut videos showing artistic presentations have to be submitted with the application. The total duration of the 3 videos should not exceed 20 minutes. The following requirements apply:

  • Three works from three different style periods chosen freely with piano accompaniment from the following repertoire. 3 uncut videos.
    • Hummel - Concerto (E-flat major version)
    • Th. Charlier – Solo de Concours I
    • A. Goedicke - Concert Etude
    • Kent Kennan – Sonata
    • B. Martinu – Sonatina
    • G. Cords – Concert fantasia
    • J. B. Neruda – Concerto
    • J. Rueff – Sonatina
    • V. Brandt – Concert pieces 1+2
    • Eug. Bozza – Caprice, Rustiques
    • G. Enesco – Legend
    • J. Fr. Fasch – Concerto
    • Viviani – Sonatas 1+2

2. Presence Examination
The presence examination includes the following parts:

  • Artistic presentation in the main subject: the same repertoire requirements apply as in the preselection. The same works may be presented as in the preselection.

  • Artistic presentation in the piano minor: Two pieces of your choice have to be prepared.

  •  A short reflective talk related to the artistic presentation.

The examination board reserves the right to make a selection from the prepared pieces.

After passing the presence examination:
Written exams in music theory and aural skill training.




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