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Bachelor's degree

The bachelor’s degree is the first university-level performance qualification. As a rule it takes eight semesters. The degree is the entry qualification for a professional career in music. It opens up a broad spectrum of musical, artistic, and academic professions.

Candidates for the bachelor’s program of studies at the university must pass an entry exam, the so-called “proficiency test.” In the Music and Music Promotion programs the test consists of the following sections:

a) Performance major: Auditioning as an instrumentalist or singer (the musical requirements are listed on the left side, arranged according to the particular instrument)

b) Performance minor: Auditioning as an instrumentalist or singer

c) An interview

d) A theory section (sample exam tasks are found in the Music Theory section).

The special requirements for the proficiency tests of the bachelor majors Conducting (Choral Conducting or Orchestra Conducting), Church Music and Music Theory/Aural Skills Training are listed separately on the left side.

In addition, in the Music and Media as well as Audio and Video programs and in the Composition, Music Theory and Aural Skills Training majors, work samples must be submitted. Admission to the further practical and theoretical sections of the examination is conditional upon positive evaluation of these work samples.

Applications must be submitted online, along with access to the online application portal Muvac. Further information can be found here (German).

Please note the following application deadline   

Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf Fischerstraße 110, 40476 Düsseldorf

Fon: +49.211.49 18 -0