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Requirements for the bachelor’s degree in Conducting (Orchestral Conducting)

The following must be prepared for the practical test:

1. Conducting the following prepared pieces: a) Beethoven, 2nd Symphony, 1st and 2nd movements, b) Weber, Der Freischütz, Overture.

2. Piano playing: Three works from three different style periods; including a) from a sonata by Beethoven a 1st movement and a slow movement, b) a piano work by Debussy or Ravel, c) a work composed after 1910

After successful completion of the examination parts 1. and 2. follows:

3. On the piano, sightreading four-part movements in early clefs

4. Preparation of an extensive opera scene, singing and playing

5. Sightreading a reduced piano score on the piano

6. Sightreading and playing from the full score on the piano

7. Hearing intervals, distinguishing major/minor and chord progressions

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