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Requirements for the Voice master’s program.

The following works must be prepared for the Performance master’s program proficiency test:

For Stage/Solo Musical Theater majors: two opera arias from different style periods

For Stage/Solo Song Oratorio majors: 1. Two songs from different epochs 2. An aria from an oratorio

For prospective Ensemble Singing majors: 1. Audition performance: Performance of two solo pieces of the musician’s choice; one of these pieces must be from the Baroque period and in German; the second must have a different style 2. Ensemble singing: a piece to be sung in a quartet (to be announced 4 weeks before the date of the proficiency test; the university will provide the vocal quartet) 3. Sight-singing: several tasks (tonal and atonal) 4. Evidence of outstanding language ability in the interview

For prospective Music Promotion majors: a short, artistically prepared introduction (of about 5 minutes) to the program of the proficiency test

Except for the aria from the oratorio, the audition pieces must be performed from memory. The examining board reserves the right to make a selection from the pieces.

Prof. Konrad Jarnot

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