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Who is accepted?

Musically exceptionally gifted children and adolescents who pass the proficiency test. This takes place each summer for the following winter semester and in the winter for the following summer semester.

Requirements for the proficiency test:

The proficiency test involves two steps:

1) With the application, the applicant submits three video recordings (each uncut) of three works (accompaniment optional). The total length should be 10-15 minutes. The prepared program should cover different epochs and include a virtuoso work/etude and a slow movement. On the basis of the submitted video recordings, the examination board will make a preliminary selection and decide whether the applicant will be invited to the presence examination.

2) For the presence examination, the applicant prepares three stylistically different works and presents the list to the examination board. It should contain demanding literature, including a virtuoso work/étude and a slow movement. The Works can be identical to those submitted by video in the application. An accompanist will be provided by the university. The board selects the works to be performed from the list. This is followed by a short interview. Above all, artistry and technical skills are evaluated. Candidates who do not pass the proficiency test can repeat it once.

Exam criteria are:

   a) technical ability
   b) artistic interpretation
   c) personal charisma

The subsequent interview has the purpose of determining whether the candidate’s proficiency and motivation demonstrate that the young person can achieve the goal of the early-admission program. The selection committee makes the decision “suitable” or “not suitable.”

What does the application consist of?

Applications must be submitted online, along with access to the online

application portal Muvac. Further information can be found here (German).

  • A video recording
  • A curriculum vitae with previous musical education
  • Confirmation of payment of the proficiency test fee
  • A current school enrollment certificate showing the expected duration of school attendance
  • A certified copy of the most recent grade school report card
  • passport or identity card
  • A passport photo

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the winter semester is March 1, for the summer semester October 31. 

Requirements for the Schumann Junior program

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