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Eric Ewazen "Ballade, Pastorale and Dance"

As part of the upper-level Classical Music Recording module of Prof. Dagmar Birwe collaboration with selected chamber music ensembles of the Robert Schumann Hochschule will be broadened. A strong focus will be placed on musical performance and interpretation but also on communication between the artists and the recording engineers in charge. Tonal and technical aspects also play an important role in production work.

On July 2, 2016 the Ballad for Flute (Marie-Luise Kerkau), Horn (Alexander Wening) and Piano (Ani Ter-Martirosyan) by Eric Ewazen being produced at the Partika-Saal concert auditorium. Celia Ruiz Artacho is the head sound engineers on IMM LAWO audio production console, Sebastian Fecke the tape operator, and Ben Winkler and Lukas Hierl the assistant auditorium/audio engineers. Daniel Przemus was the audio engineer in charge of the recording and worked with musicians and students in the module on post-production.

Technical considerations were also given emphasis thanks to the use of a motor-driven remote control microphone-stereo rail prototype (see photograph) developed by Audio and Video students Max Bier and Lukas Hierl. Winner of a Gold Award in the Student Design Competition at this at this year’s AES Convention, the rail prototype solution allows completely silent and infinitely variable adjustment of the distance between the two main microphones and their angle of placement.



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