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Aimez-vous Godard?

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The scores for the European Talent Competition at Soundtrack_Cologne show how different music or sound changes the effect of film images. In 2019 it was the task of entrants to create the narration and visual level of the short film Aimez-vous Godard? by Florian Vey through an original and independent approach with film music and sound design.

As in the previous year, with Leon Brückner (Music) and Paul Climaco Müller Reyes (Sound Design) two RSH students won the competition’s two main prizes with a joint work.

The jury said:
“Leon Brückner’s score served the different settings of the film excellently. Through good use of silence, the music flexibly switched through the different filmic realms and was capped-off with a nice French twist. The placements and scoring of the music were well-designed and served the film’s humor very well.”

“Paul Clímaco Muller Reyes crafted a detailed and complete sound design to the film. It created a compelling ambience that lets the audience sense the film’s outer worlds. It also enhanced and brought the story forward with subtle and polished extra sounds. In particular, the jury appreciated the final car sound which gave the storyline an additional twist.”


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