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Trailer: Übersetzen - Translate - Tradurre

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Each summer, 50 students from the state art and music conservatories in North Rhine-Westphalia travel to the lovely Tuscan town of Montepulciano. At the invitation of the Kolleg für Musik und Kunst[Music and Art Center] of the University of Music and Dance in Cologne, participants spend two weeeks attending seminars and workshops covering a special topic each year and carry out artistic projects in interdisciplinary groups. 

In 2014, a film team from IMM accompanied the annual project on the subject of Translating – Contemporary Art as Foreign Languages. Working on location and advised by Prof. Manfred Waffender, director Alexander Kühn, cameraman David Füsgen and sound engineer Moritz Hils, all Music and Media majors, captured enough footage to create the one-hour documentary Übersetzen -Translate - Tradurre, The Annual Project of the College for Music and Art Montepulciano 2014

The film was made as a project for the Music and Audiovisual Mediamajor concentration.


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