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The composition Cirque by Jannis Carbotta combines field recordings, sound recordings, and sounds of electromagnetic fields with the sounds of modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

The piece explores commonalities shared by different forms of sound generation and questions a stringent narration in music through content. The piece refers to narrative and semiotic elements that are inspired by Luc Ferrari’s idea of anecdotal music. In this work, sounds are processed, deformed and mixed in such a way that noises become language and reflect an abstract form of storytelling. To what extent can recorded sounds and noises be separated from their source? And can a new, connecting narrative be found or the narrative even be completely eliminated with this variability of associations?

Cirque was created as part of the Music and Text major at the Institute for Music and Media of the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf. Marc Matter supervised the project work.


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