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Nichtung auf allen Kanälen [Nihilation on All Channels]

The point of departure in the work of Florian Zeeh is the work series Die Entdeckung der Null [The Discovery of Zero], where he explores the potentials of nothing and possible applications of nullity to artistic practice. In Nichtung auf allen Kanälen [Nihilation on All Channels] the attraction defies the expectations of visitors and leaves behind a dark blank spot. At the same time thanks to its surprising effect, the work has entertainment value for the public. In this intermediate space the paradoxical relationship between nothing and something becomes a tangible dimension which can be experienced. The interactive audiovisual installation was shown as part of the Lichtung exhibition at the Düsseldorf Betonbox.

Lichtung auf allen Kanälen was created as a project in the Music Informatics major concentration and supervised by Prof. Julian Rohrhuber and Hans W. Koch.


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