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Christian Zimmerli
Assistant Professor for Professional Hearing



Christian Zimmerli, born in Bern, Switzerland, went to the University of Music Duesseldorf after graduating from high school. Mr. Zimmerli majored in piano before attending the Audio and Video Engineering course. With fellow sound-euphoric students, Mr. Zimmerli developed exciting projects. His final thesis on interface microphones, written and researched in close cooperation with microphone manufacturer Schoeps, raises high attention in trade press publications. 

Sonopress/Bertelsmann in Guetersloh hired Mr. Zimmerli as a sound master. His work experience on vinyl record cutting, digital editing, digital- and analogue technology are generally considered as groundbreaking. 

The urge for more research on technical substructures and its possibilities lead Mr. Zimmerli work for Studer in Zurich. In yet another professional challenge, Mr. Zimmerli designs interfaces for digital mixing desks. On courtesy of Studer, Christian Zimmerli teaches staff to operate a brand-new production studio in Oman. On behalf of the BASF Company, Mr. Zimmerli analyses analogue and digital technology in comparison on two different trade conferences. At Berlin's AES con-

gress, recordings in analogue standard equipment are played simultaneously to its digital counterparts. The result is a sonic experience that's hard to forget. 

Alongside acoustician John Flynn, Christian Zimmerli made a dream come true: Their own studio with a controllable acoustic environment. Mr. Zimmerli and Mr. Flynn use their studio for opera productions, e.g. Arena di Verona. Recordings of the opus performed at the Staatsoper Vienna during WWII are being re-mastered at the studio. Open for progression, 5.1 technology has been added to the studio equipment. Now, the studio has moved and re-opened its doors for surround mixing, sound refining, restoration and training. 

Since 2006 Christian Zimmerli works as an assistant professor for Professional Hearing at the Institute For Music And Media of the University of Music Duesseldorf.

Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf Fischerstraße 110, 40476 Düsseldorf

Fon: +49.211.49 18 -0