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Media Archive

The media archive at the IMM has two ranges of duty: the study archive and the collection of archive and research art.

Study archive
The study archive allows students and teaching staff at the IMM to access media (such as film or audio recordings) for study and research purposes. It currently incorporates around 1000 different films and television recordings. These include many classics from film history, feature films with exemplary film score, a selection of documentary films, and musicals. In addition, there is a selection of student productions, and recordings from the BASECAMP lecture series.
Media can be viewed on site for study purposes, for production preparations, and for research.

Archive and research art collection
The collection promotes the independent art form of the archive (archive and research art). It develops a platform for the publication and exchange of free content and works (open content). To this end it collects works and archives which are available to others for derivative work.
The focus here is on archive and research art itself, i.e. work that is either intensively based on archive material (e.g. found footage film, remix, culture jamming, documentary art, sonification), or which is itself exclusively a collection of material (e.g. aesthetically or conceptually structured sample banks or databases, field recordings, collections).
Within the framework of a work group, the archive tutor and the supervising teaching staff support anyone who wants to develop archives as an integral part of their artistic or scientific work.

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