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Sound Broadcasting 1

The new sound broadcasting system of the Institute For Music And Media is housed in a 7.5-tonne Iveco truck. It offers adequate space for a sound technician, a sound engineer and a sound mixer, and can be used both for live recording and for surround-sound mix editing. IMM students can use the van for organising productions outside the university premises, and for producing music mixes.

Six RME Micstasys provide 48 microphone channels as standard via fibreoptic MADI connection in the van, which within the van are likewise routed via MADI cables to the Yamaha DM2000 mixing console and the two recording systems, a VB-Audio MT128 and a Magix Sequoia. Sixteen additional analogue cables offer the option of extending to 64 input channels. A Geithain 5.1 speaker system is available, consisting of three RL906, two RL904 and one Basis1 subwoofer.
In the rear of the van is a patch-bay by means of which further digital and analogue audio and video signals can be recorded. This ensures comfortable cooperation with the mobile camera direction equipment of the university, for recordings with multiple cameras. The existing network connection of the vehicle can furthermore be used to stream live to the internet.


IVECO S4 with Fehntjer body, 7.5 tonnes, 107 KW
16A power connectors, air-conditioning, dimmable halogen spotlights
Thule Omnistor Markise 

Sound engineer workstation:
YAMAHA DM2000, meterbridge, 2x MY16AT, 1x MY16MADI64
5.1 speakers: 3x Geithain RL906, 2x Geithain RL904, 1x Geithain Basis1 sub
2x Samsung 32''- UE-C6200 LCD screens
1x Samsung 22''- Syncmaster BX2240 TFT monitor
1x Sennheiser HD580 headphones

Sound mixer workstation:
Paging microphone
Intercom Motorola GM350
Lehmann-Audio KH-Amp Audio Black Cube Linear Pro
D.O.Tec Producer-Com incl. remote (MADI-based intercom system) 

Sound technician workstation:
DAW1: VB-Audio MT128
DAW2: Magix Sequoia
2x Samsung 24'' Syncmaster P2450H TFT screens
Presonus HP4 KH amp 

Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM91
Jünger D01 limiter
TC Delay D-Two
Digitech Studio Quad4
Rosendahl Nanosyncs clock
CD recorder Sony CDR-W66
CD player CDP-D11
Network switch Netgear GS108
2x Alesis HD24 

4x Schoeps CCM 41
2x Sennheiser MKH 40
2x Sennheiser MKH 20
1x Sennheiser MKH 80
2x Sennheiser MD 421
1x Neumann SM 69 
1x Neumann KM 83i
2x Neumann KMS 84i
2x Neumann KM 86i
2x Neumann U 87
3x Shure SM 58
2x Brüel und Kjaer 4006 

Rear patch-bay:
1x MADI (fibreoptic)
25x XLR
1x Siemens (10-pole)
4x CAT5
4x BNC
1x Intercom 

1x 200m MADI cable reel
1x 100m network cable reel
1x 100m BNC cable reel
1x 50m Siemens 10-pole cable reel
12x normal tripods, 6x tall tripods
30x 10m XLR cable
2x cables bridges (yellow-jackets)
10 cable mats
Wisent equipment case

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